Coinhouse, Scorechain customer is the first French Digital Asset Provider receiving a License from AMF

Coinhouse is the first digital asset service provider officially registered and licensed by the French regulator, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). The company has operated in Paris since 2014 and allows trading in cryptocurrencies.

In 2019, the French regulator published a new set of laws which aims to regulate Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) and Digital Asset Providers (DASP). In March, Coinhouse was the first company to obtain the License. 

Using our Risk AML software, Coinhouse is able to adopt a risk-based approach and to fulfil regulatory requirements. Scorechain Blockchain Analytics helps the compliance team on a daily basis with transaction monitoring and to report fraud to authorities.

Scorechain is used by our Compliance team as a must-have tool. It allows us to detect suspicious activity. Having a good command of the software has been a key element for the French Regulator during our license application process.” said Sandrine Lebeau, Compliance and Risk Manager at Coinhouse.

Pierre Gérard, CEO of Scorechain added that “We are proud to serve Coinhouse for years and happy they are now the first fully regulated DASP in France. We are in contact with several regulators worldwide and we strive for excellence in helping our customers to fulfil with the new regulatory requirements.” 

Trusted by Europe leading companies in cryptocurrency and traditional finance ecosystems. Scorechain also serves 100+ businesses all over the world. 

The company born in Luxembourg in 2015 has established its reputation among the market leaders showing software robustness, the best data naming coverage and accuracy as well as a transparent and comprehensive risk assessment methodology. 

The Scorechain team keeps improving the software with new compliance features to tailor market needs and adapt to each company’s unique internal controls.