DASH transaction monitoring added in Scorechain AML Compliance Software

Scorechain Dash Analytics Platform is live! 

Dash Analytics Platform is the new piece of the Scorechain product range. The platform answers the market demand for a Dash transaction monitoring solution. Scorechain is now covering privacy coin with Dash.

Scorechain can track Dash transactions. When Dash users activate the private send feature, the analytics platform red flags the transaction and is able to detect the mixing pattern used. Today Scorechain can say private send transactions represent 8,3% of the Dash network.

Some of Scorechain customers have already implemented the Dash Risk Monitoring API and the data scientist team strives to improve the naming coverage on a daily basis.

Like other products,  Dash analytics can track both the origin and destination of funds,  provide risk scoring on transactions, addresses, and wallets, perform real-time monitoring with alerts system, and allow AML rules customizations and reports generation.

Today, Scorechain crypto AML solutions cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, all ERC20 tokens, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.

New products (XRP, EOS…) will be released next year. Stay tuned.

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About Scorechain: Specialised in crypto-tracking compliance tools since 2015, the Luxembourgish company provides AML & Compliance solutions for cryptocurrencies. It serves customers worldwide, mainly cryptocurrencies company, OTC trading desks, ICOs, private banks, audit firms, and custodians. Scorechain analytics include Bitcoin analytics with Lightning Network, Ethereum analytics with all ERC20, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. All products are available both on UI and API, with full customization and reporting features. With a powerful and unique scoring system, Scorechain’s products allow traditional finance players and cryptocurrency companies to apply a risk-based approach for this new class of assets and fulfil all new regulation requirements.

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