Top 5 exchanges winners and losers in 2018

Who are the great winners and losers for BTC exchange in 2018? Take a look at graph with the results results based on the variation of the balance of wallets! Follow us on our social medias for more researches! Linkedin or Twitter »

Scorechain launches customizable risk management index as part of its new features for Bitcoin compliance and regulation

Scorechain has launched new website version with the aim to improve the description of its range of offers, from the Bitcoin Blockchain intelligence product to the Blockchain development and advisory services. The Luxembourg-based startup unveils its new Bitcoin Analytics dashboard with its dedicated website — — that presents customizable new features. »

Scorechain releases new version of powerful Bitcoin Blockchain analytics

The Luxembourg based startup has just released a new version of its product with new design, new interface, new logo and most importantly, a lot of new features. The online platform offers activity reports and advanced analytics for AML – Anti Money Laundering – and KYT – Know your Transaction – »

Scorechain raises seed round of $570,000 to develop its Bitcoin and Blockchain solutions

Scorechain, the Luxembourgish company that develops services for Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies, has recently closed a seed funding round of $570,000 with selected angel investors. Scorechain is currently helping Bitcoin startups and financial institutions prepare to fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements. The company provides business intelligence and big data for »