Scorechain launches customizable risk management index as part of its new features for Bitcoin compliance and regulation

Scorechain has launched new website version with the aim to improve the description of its range of offers, from the Bitcoin Blockchain intelligence product to the Blockchain development and advisory services.

The Luxembourg-based startup unveils its new Bitcoin Analytics dashboard with its dedicated website — — that presents customizable new features.

With the objective to address the increasing need for companies to set up forensics and anti-money laundering procedures, the startup offers an intuitive platform to comply with the existing regulation and to prevent criminal activities.

Introduction of customizable Scorechain Index (SCx) to set up monitoring processes preferences

Depending on their business activity, Bitcoin companies may not have the same regulatory compliance approach. Customizable SCx allows users to configure their own scoring rules for entities — clusters of Bitcoin addresses — or for entity types —clusters for service names.

As an example, as part of its risk management policy, a company with drastic warnings regarding gambling sites, can decide to decrease the scoring for some of, or for all gambling services entities. The algorithm will then compute lower scoring for all transactions that have been passed through that type of services. Users have now the opportunity to set up a tailor-made monitoring process, best adapted to their needs.

A brand-new dashboard with unique user-friendly interface

The user interface has been redefined for a better user experience. The dashboard new design allows a very simple navigation to monitor Bitcoin activities. With a ‘quick start guide’ available, users can follow tips to navigate and to set up options for some features.

The product still provides the ability to track and score origins of transactions — Know your Transaction feature —, addresses and entities. Data export is part of new features to make reporting and accounting easier. In addition, users can now import their own data as custom tags for specific monitoring.

Scorechain BTC Analytics platform is designed to Bitcoin stakeholders, audit firms and investigators. The solution offer is based on a business licensing model, but is also available for short-term investigation.


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