Scorechain launches its real-time AML tool for Bitcoin Cash

Scorechain has launched a new product of transaction tracking and AML software for cryptocurrencies: Scorechain Bitcoin Cash Analytics Platform is live! 

Scorechain Bitcoin Cash Analytics Platform is the newest piece of the product range and answers the market demand for a Bitcoin Cash transaction monitoring solution. As other products in the range, the product gives the ability to track both the origin and destination of Bitcoin Cash, to analyse deeply addresses and transactions risk, to set up alerts to enable real-time monitoring, to customise AML rules, to add groups and tags adapted to any compliance policies, and to generate reports. Besides, the feature “I know this address” enables customers to contribute to the database. 

More new products (XRP, EOS…) will be released next year. Stay tuned please! 

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About Scorechain: Specialised in crypto-tracking compliance tools since 2015, this Luxembourgish company provides AML & Compliance solutions for cryptocurrencies with a very powerful and unique scoring system and advanced analytics. As of now, Scorechain’s products and services include Bitcoin analytics covering Lightning Network analytics, Ethereum analytics covering more than 100 types of ERC20 tokens, Litecoin analytics which was launched this April, and Bitcoin Cash Analytics which is live this autumn! All products are available both on UI and API, with  full customizable Scoring, group, reporting and other features. Today, Scorechain serves different kinds of customers, such as exchange platforms, OTC trading desks, ICOs, private banks, audit firm and custodians, with more than 60 licenses established in 30 countries.

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